10 A-List Studs Who Went Commando The Most On Screen

Credit: 20th Century Studios

Ah yes, another important list to enjoy.

The good folks at Mr. Man did some hard and wonderful research where they figured out which A-list studs got naked the most on camera during their illustrious careers. 


Not only did they provide said list but their team also created a video that highlighted some of their most memorable nude moments.

Remember how Sylvester Stallone did a super naughty porn film before his Oscar-winning turn in Rocky happened? We also can’t forget Kevin Bacon‘s delicious full frontal in the sultry late 90’s movie Wild Things.

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Take a look at all of these men in their glory here while we count down the list in a more R-rated fashion. 


10: Sylvester Stallone

9: Tom Hardy

8: Alexander Skarsgard

7: Mark Ruffalo


6: Jake Gyllenhaal

5: Kevin Bacon

Credit: United States Academy Entertainment Inc

4: Javier Bardem


3: Antonio Banderas

2: Marlon Wayans

1: Ewan McGregor

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