Starz Drops Nicholas Galitzine’s Intense ‘Mary & George’ Trailer

Starz recently released the official trailer of the British historical drama ‘Mary & George’, which is starring Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine as the titular characters.

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The miniseries is based on author Benjamin Woolley’s 2017 novel ‘The King’s Assassin’, which tells the real-life story of Mary Villiers, Countess of Buckingham, and her son George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham.


In the show, Moore’s Mary Villiers “molds her charismatic son” George, who is portrayed by Galitzine, to seduce the King James VI of Scotland (Tony Curran). Thereafter, George becomes the King’s lover, and the mother and son rise “from humble beginnings to become the richest, most titled and influential players the English court had ever seen, and the King’s most trusted advisors,” as per a series description via W Magazine.

Moreover, a synopsis describes the series as “an audacious historical psychodrama about a treacherous mother and son who schemed, seduced and killed to conquer the Court of England and the bed of King James I.”

(c) Instagram: @nicholasgalitzine

Meanwhile, the recently released trailer shows a glimpse of how Mary and George’s successful plan to seduce the King changes their lives, following some intense and raunchy scenes among the characters.


It seems like ‘Mary & George’ will have the viewers on the edge of their seats, and we absolutely cannot wait! The seven-episode series is set to premiere on Starz on April 5. In the meantime, you can watch the super steamy official trailer here:


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  1. I hope it’s as gay as the trailer suggests.

    James I, who has been described by historian Michael B. Young as ‘the most prominent homosexual figure in the early modern period’.


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