State of Florida wants to take down your name and tax you when you enter a strip joint.

My roommates just left to go for a fun night at the Floppy Rooster in Miami for their 1 year anniversary weekend party.  Pretty soon, the price of admission may increase and they may need to leave more at the door than their shyness.  As a strip club, it is considered an adult business, just like any bar that limits its patrons to being older than 21.  The state of Florida is considering collecting a per person entrance fee to night clubs, bars, and strip joints.  Why is this?

Committee chairman Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, told the News Service of Florida that the idea is to actually discourage people from supporting these businesses and ideally redirect that revenue source to victims of human trafficking.

“Should the resources that go to rehabilitate victims of human trafficking come from all 19 million Floridians, or should people who frequent adult-entertainment establishments, which have become a focal point for that illicit trade, pay a disproportionate share to help rehabilitate victims?” asked Gaetz. – FloridaAgenda

So the idea is to charge people attending any Floridian adult establishment a "state imposed cover" in order to raise funds to battle against human trafficking.  Ok, so we will have to pay a little more money to go out drinking or see some boy booty wrapped around a pole. I better get my butt over to le boy and Swinging Richards before this gets passes (law is still in the House Committee and hasn't been presented in the Senate).  Of course, this would apply to straight establishments as well. 

So just money, right?

However, Rep. Charles Van Zant, R-Keystone Heights, said the surcharge should be $10 on nightclubs where there’s no nudity and $25 where nudity is allowed, adding that the state should collect names of those who patronize these places because of the link between live adult entertainment and illegal human trafficking. – FloridaAgenda

I have no shame and probably won't mind if they take my name down.  I remember the good ole days, we had to sign in to the Frontrunners bar in Manchester, New Hampshire since it was a members only club.  Could it go like that? Give everyone a membership card so its easy to keep track? I wonder how many government officials will be on that list.

What am I saying!?!  Why does the state need to tax us when we are drinking and pervy-ing and write our names down?  Is this appropriate taxing and the correct way to flex government muscle?  Is this the best way to combat human trafficking?  And why do they want our names? 

For more on this topic, go to FloridaAgenda.

As a thank you for reading this, here are some of the boys from the three local clubs.  Also, check out their Facebook pages linked in the article above.

Thanks GUY Magazine for bringing this to our attention.

9 thoughts on “State of Florida wants to take down your name and tax you when you enter a strip joint.”

  1. Wonder what they are putting

    Wonder what they are putting in that Florida OJ these days……a New Level of Stupidity has arrived in the chad hanging Sunshine State!

  2. Did I just read a sponsored

    Did I just read a sponsored post for three male strip clubs? 

    And who cares, you pay taxes and fees for everything. Why is this a big deal?

  3. If Florida needs revenue,

    If Florida needs revenue, they can levy a tax on anyone with an IQ under 70. It must surely have the lowest IQ per capita. What an idiocracy they've created down there! 

  4. way to kill biz… hell a

    way to kill biz… hell a whole industry.  get ur sin shame shit outta my life! This isnt united states of christianity!

  5. Only if we can have their

    Only if we can have their names when its time to vote for your  Ass Leaders of the State. I think these dudes need to get a new hobby!

    M J

  6. Oh! They want to decrease the

    Oh! They want to decrease the number of visitors to their state. Let the Tourism Board think on this for a little bit.


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