Vandals Caught Trying To Steal “Gay Head Way” Signs

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Three Massachusetts teenagers got into trouble for trying to steal some street signs.

According to Hyannis News, police officers in Yarmouth, Massachusetts were called to the Gay Head Way area. When they arrived at the scene, the officers found three teens trying to steal signs from the street.


Part of us gets it. A sign reading, “Gay Head Way?” That’s top humor for a teenage boy. But unfortunately for the teens, their bicycle getaway wasn’t as fast as they’d hoped. In the end, the group of teenagers was caught.

Thankfully, this story doesn’t end with the three teens getting arrested or hurt. Instead, the officers came up with a fitting punishment for the group of would-be thieves. The cops made the teens replace the signs they’d taken down.

A video of the incident was recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Thankfully the teenagers’ identities were withheld, and their faces were not shown on the video.


This story reminds us of an incident from last month. In July, another teenager, this time in Phoenix, Arizona, was caught on camera trying to steal a pride flag from a neighbor. Unfortunately for that teen, the homeowner, a lesbian with a TikTok account called @leftovergains, used carabiners and screwing posts to keep the flag in place. The teen ended up going home empty-handed and, probably, a little embarrassed.


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