Steve Grand & Eli Lieb Release ‘Look Away.’


Is this the summer of break up songs?  We just covered Alex Newell's B.O.Y. with video costarring Nyle DiMarco and now we have another goodbye song from Steve Grand and Eli Lieb.

Alex, thanks for giving us such a great song to use to get over our man and thanks Steve and Eli for giving us a song to cry to while eating that pint of Ben & Jerry's.

Have a listen to Steve and Eli's "Look Away."





Eli Lieb & Steve Grand – Look Away

New Music Video with Eli Lieb! It's hard not to cry…Download at:

Posted by Steve Grand on Tuesday, March 29, 2016



Goose bumps and tears.  Thanks boys!

What did you guys think?

Like it enough to buy it?  Here's the link.

Looks like they want to know what you think, too.


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