Stop For 2 Minutes & Enjoy This Pride Moment

Lavender Bell stood up to sing at a Pride event in Massachusetts and the audience was not ready for what happened next.
Lavender Bell (screen capture)

Former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark and congressional candidate Rufus Gifford shared this performance by a young woman named Lavender at his local Pride event in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Lavender performs “Part of Your World” from the Disney classic, The Little Mermaid.

From Gifford’s social media:

A young woman comes on stage in Fitchburg. Introduces herself as Lavender.

She tells us that she’s blind and autistic and wants to sing a song in honor of LGBT pride month.

And then she blows us all away and brings us to tears…

Wait… you are not prepared.

We’ve seen special moments at Pride events across the country – marriage proposals at Pride events, straight ‘country boy’ allies in Oklahoma show up for us, and more.

What I love about this video, and the story behind it, is how Pride events, large and small, can remind us of our better selves; that we celebrate the fabulousness of how different we all are and that diversity makes us better people.

Lavender not only delivers a powerful performance, but a powerful Pride message with the lyrics of “Part of Your World.”

Lavender has been singing in her local church group for years, thanks to her dads, Wil Darcangelo and Jamie Cormier.

Darcangelo founded a youth music group called the Tribe Music Mentorship Project that offers kids and young people, many from challenging backgrounds, opportunities to create music, books, art and more.

What I do know is even if Lavender weren’t blind, or autistic, she would be just as awesome for wanting to share her considerable gifts with the LGBTQ crowd.

With so much coming at us from many directions these days, let’s celebrate Lavender and the message she sends.

I’m honored she’s ‘part of our world.’

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  1. Unbelievably moving! Lavender gave me chills with her beautiful rendition of such an iconic song. She rocks!


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