“Stop Touching Yourselves In Our Stores,” Says IKEA

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IKEA is getting tired of people getting in bed, having sex, and/or pleasuring themselves in their establishments.

Due to the current situation going on in the world, many IKEAs are closed indefinitely. Despite that, there are still some businesses running and there are still some people entering those locations. But according to the IKEA company itself, there are some people getting too comfortable in their stores.


According to the New York Post, IKEA made this warning after a viral video circulated the internet. In the video, a woman was caught masturbating while half-naked in a Chinese IEKA store. The two-minute video shows the woman in a Risky Business-esque outfit of just a plain white button-up shirt. She walks around various sections of the store before initially sitting on a chair to touch herself. She then moved to a bed for the remainder of the video.

“We resolutely oppose and condemn this kind of behavior, and immediately reported it to the police in the city of the suspected store,” IKEA said in a statement after the video was scrubbed off Chinese social media platforms.

Chinese web series Addicted the Series / Image via Weiboo @柴鸡蛋FM

While there have always been a handful of customers who get too personal in stores, like sleeping in beds for extended periods of time. According to Dlisted, the visibility of the before mentioned video was too much for IKEA to ignore. The furniture company ensured customers it would take “even more careful security and public cleanliness measures” and encouraged others to “browse stores in an orderly and civilized way.”


Speaking of the police, it’s a wonder if this woman realized that she would be putting herself in such an internationally viewed video and the danger it could cause. In China, committing “deliberate public nudity” is liable to 10 days of “administrative detention.” Then, uploading and disseminating obscene content online is punishable by up to 15 days in detention with a maximum fine of 3,000 yuan (approximately $425).

Now, is a moment of heavy petting in the As-Is section really worth the pricetag?

Sources: The New York Post, Dlisted

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