Man’s Racist Tirade Against Gay Couple Caught On Camera

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A gay couple in San Francisco was confronted by a stranger’s racist tirade. They then recorded the moment and shared it with the world.

According to local news source and FOX affiliate KTVU, the moment happened this past Sunday, July 18, around 3 p.m. near San Francisco’s 7th and Market streets. According to witnesses, a gay couple which included one man of Asian descent were walking around that area. Then, a man walked up to the couple, unprovoked, and started yelling racist insults at them.


“I served this goddamned country. So I’m m not racist. I don’t like you f— Asian motherf— in my country!” the man yelled at the couple.

Darren Mark Stallcup, who recorded the moment told KTVU that he thought “San Francisco is better than this. He added that “things escalated pretty quickly. I’m pretty surprised no one got physically hurt, but there was a lot of crazy things that were said.”

The man can be heard saying in the video, “I’m gonna whup your f— ass and his f— worthless ass.”


In defense, one of the victims told the man, “You’re worthless.”

The man then responded, “No your mother was worthless because she didn’t abort your sorry ass.”

In the midst of the fight, the couple called 911 and tried to find safety at a nearby hotel.


“You can call 911 all you want, you mother f—” the man yelled after them. Your boyfriend, you Asian piece of s—!” 

One of the gay men responded, “F— you, get out of here.”

The man then yelled back, “Your mother’s trash. Your mother’s trash. And I don’t like you, motherf—.”


In a second recording of the incident, another witness tried to approach the man to calm him down.

“Hey brother,” the witness said in an attempt to reason with the man.

“I’m not your brother!” the man then snapped.

The San Francisco police say they are currently investigating the situation. In addition, San Francisco Police Commissioner Larry Yee released a statement saying, “It’s a shock. It’s disturbing. It hurts my heart to see it happen in San Francisco.”

Source: KTVU,

6 thoughts on “Man’s Racist Tirade Against Gay Couple Caught On Camera”

  1. Why is it black men and women going off on the asians, seriously? Look at all of incidents and that is pretty much all of the time. Why?

    • Maybe because Asians are getting a tiny spritzer bottle spray of racist violence and suddenly there’s a ton of white sympathy and a whole bill in Congress.. meanwhile, black people are being tortured and waterboarded nonstop since forever with no end in sight. I could imagine being pretty resentful about that. But I’m Asian so what do I know

      • Completely makes sense. But the black people that are doing this are only hurting their cause and should stop it

      • Tell me where “black people are being tortured and waterboarded” in the United States? Oh, and “nonstop since forever with no end in sight”. Seriously, STFU if you are going to make up “facts”.

        • It was a metaphor and analogy, Dave, comparing a spritz spray to waterboarding. If Asians experienced the same racism black people do, I wouldn’t have been approved for my mortgage, or hired at my job, and would probably have been locked away for my marijuana offenses in college. Those are facts


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