Stormy Daniels Brings the Inuendo to ‘Hosting’

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Following the huge success of Bobby I Love You on Zeus Network, another gay dating series was announced by Deadline.

Daddy TV and OUTtv are gearing up to release For the Love of Dilfs. Oof, sign me up already. The 8-episode saga will debut in early 2023 and is hosted by Stormy Daniels


Deadline summarizes the reality show below: 

For the Love of Dilfs follows two groups of gay men, aka Daddies and Himbos, as they compete to find love and win a $10,000 investment into their relationship. Daniels will live with the singles in a mansion and serve as host and relationship advisor throughout their journeys.

Of course, Stormy Daniels is an adult entertainment icon and a 7-time AVN Award winner. She’s also currently starring in the Surreal Life reboot on VH1. Get it, queen.

OUTtv CEO Philip Webb tells Deadline:


We’re thrilled to be working with Stormy. She has a long public history of standing up for the LGBTQ+ community. That allyship, star power, and relationship expertise makes her the perfect fit to helm a show about guys hunting for love.

For the Love of Dilfs is the fourth gay dating show in existence. Previous entries to this list include the heavily criticized Playing it Straight in 2004, Finding Prince Charming in 2016 and Bobby I Love You in 2022. 

Another popular show on OUTtv, X-Rated: NYC, was just renewed for 2 more seasons.

Will you be watching For the Love of Dilfs? I know I will be!

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  1. Umm… You forgot about Boy Meets Boy. The (god awful) show that was a gay bachelor show except that half the guys were straight and the bachelor only got to find out on the last episode. I mean seriously, the meltdown when he and his BFF found out about it is iconic. Not to mention the parodies on MadTV


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