Straight Men Are Starting To Love Bottoming!

Straight Men Are Starting To Love Bottoming!

Pegging Is At It Again!

Well, I’ve learned a new term today! In a twist of events, my mind was absolutely blown to discover Pegging: When a woman puts on a strap-on dildo and inserts it into her man. And geez, it looks like everyone is satisfied behind closed doors so there is nothing wrong! It looks like I need to go deep into the Instinct archives, because we’ve told you about Pegging before. As someone whose mother’s name is Peggy; I simply could not be more uncomfortable with this term!

According to the Daily Mail UK, more straight men are getting Pegged by their female partners. Blogger, Tracey Cox, reveals her most viewed kinks in her Year End Review of all things sex. Cox tells that Pegging was the hottest sex trend in 2016 and isn’t going away anytime soon. Surprisingly, it’s becoming something most couples are at least trying once. Pegging has even been featured on television shows such as Broad City. Is it time to start taking a poll on our social media as to how many of our heterosexual male friends actually want to try to a dildo? I’m super curious and can definitely name a few whom I know would be down for it! But, from their girlfriends…hmm. My eyebrows are raised for sure.

According to the incredible source known as Reddit, there are many threads about Pegging. One user knows his girlfriend is going to Peg him tomorrow and asks for advice:

“I'll cut to the chase, I just found out my girlfriend plans on pegging me tomorrow. I can't really say no since I promised her a weekend of submission, allowing to indulge in things like spanking, foot worship and forced nudity, but this is something new. So what does it feel like? What to expect? How to prepare? Any type of aftercare I should prepare for?”

And… guys are actually responding and giving him advice. Some straight guys really do love bottoming! Check out some answers below:

“She HAS TO go slow. I hope she goes from fingers to dildos before strap-on dildos. The hips can generate a LOT of power. However, she might get tired very fast depending on her experience & fitness. Also, I strongly suggest you guys use a flexible dildo, not a glass dildo for example.”

“Use as much lube as you need. Go veeery slow (at least at first.) Breathe through it. Maybe stroke yourself while it's happening so you can relax a bit?? Also, dont tense up as she's going in. Push out as if you're taking a shit. I'm more than sure you wont poop (I never have,) you'll just be relaxing your muscles so she can go in easier. Take breakes if you need them. Good luck to you both!!”

“You're lucky to have such a kinky gf. Let us know how it goes so I can live vicariously through you.”

Can we as LGBTQ men learn something about bottoming from our heterosexual opposites?! I’m a bit curious…and turned on. It’s time for me to read through the rest of this Reddit thread.

Do you believe straight men can actually enjoy bottoming?

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4 thoughts on “Straight Men Are Starting To Love Bottoming!”

  1. Of course straight men can

    Of course straight men can enjoy bottoming. A lot of them enjoy a finger or two, some like a dildo, and others would be ecstatic being pegged. It's got nothing to do with sexual orientation and everything to do with fulfillment. Physically it's exquisite and psychologically it's transformative. It's wonderful for a man to receive instead of insert, to be vulnerable instead of assertive. Have an enema first, use lots of water-based gel lubricant, go slow, learn about the location of the prostate, and you'll experience more pleasure than you thought possible. There is lots of good information and erotica as well as porn about straight male anal pleasure, including fingering, rimjobs (analingus), and pegging. A place to start is

  2. My wife and I have done this

    My wife and I have done this many times.  We even bought a strap on that has a dildo on both ends so she enjoys it too.  Relax, the feeling is incredible.


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