Straight Models Go Commando In Kilts

If there’s anything hotter than men doing yoga in kilts, it’s rock-hard male models getting freaky in kilts. We actually got our hands on these borderline NSFW teaser and images of kilted models getting touchy from gay clothing site,

Apparently, straight models get really, really excited in kilts. It was reported that out of all models, the straight guys got the biggest kick out of the kilt collection. Differio’s photo shoots are known for being editorially sexy and edgy, but no one expected a casual photo shoot for kilts to get this steamy (but we’re not complaining).

Everyone has a different reaction to wearing kilts, especially kilt virgins. First timers are usually a little shy, but they’re actually the ones that get the most wild on set. One model even felt more comfortable posing on camera without any underwear because he insisted on doing it like the Scottish. It’s said in Scottish tradition that a “true Scotsman” wears kilts without underwear. We can’t kilt and tell, so you decide for yourself which guy went commando.

These guys weren’t afraid to expose it all from jumping off props to showing off their legs. It was like they were on a testosterone high just from wearing a kilt. But, the real highlight was when one of the models was asked to dance to show off the kilt’s dimensions. It started out safe, until “My Pony” started blasting on the stereo and then the kilt tease happened…



Kilts leave more for the imagination, which is probably why seeing hot, shirtless men in kilts never gets old. Dutch researchers say kilts can actually have psychological benefits because it makes men feel more confident. Regardless, it’s a garment that’s going to get you noticed for all the right reasons, which is enough to make any man feel sexy AF.

Differio is known for it’s edgy clothing, especially when it comes to providing the coolest kilts for men. Although they do have the classic tartan kilt, don’t expect to find only traditional kilts in conventional plaid styles. One of the leaders in utility kilts, you’ll find a range of styles from the urban denim kilt to camo military kilt. This season’s modern kilts for men are all things comfortable, sexy and stylish. So, feel free to wear your St. Patrick’s Day kilts, even after the barhopping’s over.

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