Straight R&B Performer At DC Black Pride Handles “He’s Gay” Tweets Well.

What happens when a muscular straight male performer takes his shirt off at a gay event? The crowd goes a little crazy.  Considering how much we drink and how horny we've been all day long while watching the Coors men on their float in their speedos?  Yeah, we like it. 

Does that immediately make the performer gay or bi?  Bish- he just took his shirt off.  Something he does at just about every concert.  Should he NOT take his shirt off because he's at an LGBT event? 

This Memorial Day weekend  DC Black Pride, R & B performer Tank took to the stage and did what he was paid to do, entertain the crowd. He shared this pic of his performance on Instagram.



An amazing moment.. #DCPride #DopePic #TheGeneral @twelvepastseven

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Tank did the show and was totally unbothered by what others had to say. He also posted a photo from the show that was packed.

"I can't thank my fans enough for an amazing event," the Sex Love and Pain II singer said.

It should be noted that for a lot of artists, a huge reason they are still making money is because of fans in the LGBTQ community who pay for their music and shows. Pride event or not, love is love— and every artist can appreciate that. –

Of course people took to Twitter and started saying Tank was gay.  I mean, he has to be since he took his shirt off at a gay event.


We drool over which ever Jonas brother had his shirt off last, we go gaga over Bieber and his possible pube pics (were there pubes? I forget), and we love a good Thor pectoral shot.  Many of us would love to get our hands on them. 

But when a performer whom always takes his shirt off at his concerts decides to continue his practice and takes it off during an LGBT event, the haters pounce and exclaim "GAY!"

Maybe we should watch Adam Lambert and Elton John to make sure they don't look at any women while they sing at their concerts? If they did, would we yell, "STRAIGHT!"

We'd like to thank those performers that don't change up their routine for us.  Don't cater to us.  We like the honesty and like to be treated like you treat everyone else.  Do straight crowds, do gay crowds, just bring it and we'll love it. Just do you.

I looked around Tank's Instagram and he seems like a pretty good performer and human being.  DC Black Pride, we're jealous of your choice.  The last performer I saw at a pride event was a desperate Real Housewife.








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