Straight Redditor Shares Story Of Falling In Love With His Gay Best Friend

A straight Redditor just shared the most well-written and adorable story of falling in love with his gay best friend.

Get your popcorn ready gents, cause this is a good one.

In the lengthy Reddit post worth 3,278 words, the OP shares that he has growing feelings for his gay best friend.

The OP starts by sharing that he’s an incredibly emotional and intense person. The type of guy who shares “too much too soon” and scares off most people looking for slow and superficial relationships/friendships.

And then on top of being straight, he’s also very religious and from a Catholic background.

But then he met his friend “Matt.”

“Cosmic interference is the only way to really describe how I met Matt. I was on a business trip in Utah (I'm a journalist), and I decided to take a few extra days to go hiking in a couple of the National Parks there. I got lost in the desert and had to spend the night outside. The next day, thoroughly panicked, I ran into Matt.”

The two instantly hit it off and found themselves talking about… everything.

“The commonalities we shared were just as remarkable. For starters, he lived 15 minutes away from me back home, 2000 miles away! We actually knew some of the same people and had had so many of the same experiences growing up.”

On top of that, The OP shares that Matt is an upstanding guy who’s had to deal with a lot in his life. Matt’s an only child to a single parent. Then a few years back, his dad started showing early signs of dementia, so Matt’s been taking care of his father since graduating college.

The two stayed in contact after that trip and the OP took a quick liking to Matt.

“I couldn't let Matt go, but I was far too dense, then or later, to understand why.”

Before they knew it, the two were spending every weekend together. Plus, the OP started helping out with taking care of Matt’s father. He would bring dinner over, sometimes cooking it himself, several times a week.

“Watching the way Matt took care of his dad, with such dignity, respect, and love, made me sort of crush on him. The emotional bond we developed was intense, and I realized he and I shared so much more than most friends ever do.”

Then everything changed.

One night after watching a football game the two sat together talking and Matt asked, "Can I share something with you?"

"Sure Matt, anything," the OP replied.

“And he leaned in close to me. I thought he was going to whisper something, so I turned my head, but he turned his head again so we were now staring right at each other. Slowly and gently, he moved in to touch his lips to mine. I was shocked, stunned, and paralyzed. I honestly did not know what to think or what to do. I didn't pull away, I just kept my head suspended in space, too shocked to do anything. After a few seconds, he moved in further and pressed his lips firmly on mine. And somehow–I don't remember thinking about it at all–I kissed him back. Passionately, fully, ecstatically. It felt so good and so real that it left me just shattered. I never knew that it was possible to feel that close, emotionally, to another human being. I didn't want it to end, ever.”

But it did end and on his account. The OP quickly fled from the scene after realizing what he had done and agonized in bed that night over his conflicting feelings.

“I was as confused as ever, but at least my priorities were clear. Save this incredible friendship at all costs, and avoid descending into a sin that I couldn't climb out of easily. Easier said than done.”

Then the next day, the OP confronted Matt. But what did he say? You’ll have to click on the link to the reddit post here to find out.

True Story?

And we know what you’re thinking, is this story even real?

We have our doubts ourselves as the story is just too passionate and well written to be real. Even the thread's commenters thought so.

That said, as several of those commenters noted, even if this story isn’t real we really enjoyed the story anyway.

Best of luck to the OP and we await the continuation of his story.

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