Straight Reporter Uses Gay Hook-Up Apps To Find Rio Athletes. Many Are Not Amused.

I know when my friends and I visit a new city, we hop onto "the grid" to see what the local talent has to offer.  Living in Maine, the Grindr grid would sometimes extend from Quebec City to Boston, quite depressing.  Living in Fort Lauderdale, I don't think the grid extends more than one mile.  Now imagine you are in the heart of the Olympic Village in Rio, wouldn't you want to pop on your phone and see the beauties?

There's a difference between seeing and reporting on what you see.  A Daily Beast reporter, Nico Hines, took to his trusty phone and started cruising for sex.  It didn't take long for him to strike Rio gold.

Armed with a range of dating and hookup apps—Bumble, Grindr, Jack’d, and Tinder—your distinctly non-Olympian correspondent had scored three dates in the first hour.

Athlete profiles on the various apps during my short exploration included a track star, a volleyball player, a record-holder in the pool, a sailor, a diver, and a handball player from a notoriously homophobic country.

One athlete left a drop pin in the heart of the village for me to follow, another said they would be waiting, dressed in black, near the coffee machine in the athletes’ restaurant. A friendly gentleman even volunteered the address of his building straightaway. –

Our friends over at have been fielding comments and tweets about this story, calling Hines piece homophobic, irresponsible, disgusting, and gay baiting. 

There were dozens of eligible bachelors listed on Grindr within a few hundred yards of where I was standing at the entrance to the athletes’ village. One posed in his full team kit. Others referred to their elite sporting status more furtively, but they included one of the world’s top equestrians and a track and field athlete a few days away from competing.

Another had very different things on his mind: “In village ready for action! Let’s make an athletes orgy!” he wrote in his profile.

Some athletes on Grindr made it clear that they were only interested in other sports stars. “Muscular Athlete for meets in Athlete Village ONLY. Be prepared to prove you’re here for a face to face meet,” he wrote. –

By the way, Hines is a married, to a woman, and a father.  But then again, if a gay male reporter was outing people like this, I don't think it would be any different.  Wrong is wrong.

Hines, a married man with a child, tried Bumble, Tinder and Grindr – and found that he received the most attention on the gay dating app, securing three dates in an hour.

He said he was up-front about being a journalist, but didn’t go out of his way to point out that he isn’t gay. –

What do you think of Hines and his story?  Is it as these tweets say?  Let's hear from you.




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