‘Strictly’s John Whaite Admits He Fell in Love with Pro Dance Partner

In 2021, John Whaite and Johannes Radebe made history as the first same-sex duo to take the dance floor in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

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More recently, Whaite admitted that he fell in love with his professional dance partner, resulting to him and his partner of 15 years, Paul Atkins, to spend “some time apart” after his participation in the show ended.


“I fell in love with him [Johannes]. I can’t speak for him – because I’m not allowed to, legally – but it felt like there was love there. We had such similar stories growing up; the homophobia, the bullying, coming out, coming to terms with our sexuality, as any queer kid would,” the 34-year-old English baker shared in a new interview with The Times.

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He added,

“I still love Johannes. Of course I do.”


Whaite then shared how him and his boyfriend Atkins spent “some time apart” — with Whaite “sat on the patio, drinking bottle after bottle of sauvignon blanc” while Atkins moved back with his parents.

Eventually, the two of them were able to overcome that rough patch in their relationship, and they are now engaged. 

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“I look at Paul and what he’s put up with over the years and how he’s nurtured me and stood by me, and who would throw that away? I couldn’t,” the ‘Great British Bake Off’ winner stated.

He further shared that he is still in contact with Radebe, but noted that he is willing to “cut all contact” from his former ‘Strictly’ dance partner if things become “tricky” for his fiancé. Whaite also expressed that he loves Atkins “to bits.”

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  1. My problem with all this coverage is that I had to skip around and find out what the actual facts were. I learned a bit more in the other comment here (by Jeffrey) than I did in the two Instincts stories I fully read or by skimming a few others.

    I do want Instinct to keep covering actual GAY talent (even on a reality show, albeit Radebe is a professional dancer), and actual gay related content, but please be thorough or at least please point to where we can find more details. Your tags are often wrong and incomplete, and therefore mostly useless.

  2. I loved that Strictly finally allowed two men dancing together , as if the majority of male dancers aren’t gay or anything lmfao, I should know since I’ve been a dancer all my life & I’d say 90% are gay. Anyway.

    It broke my heart the way his family found out he’s gay.
    John Whaite was reduced to tears as he recalled his school teacher outing him as gay to his family before he was ready.
    “My family first learned that I was gay when I was about 14, 15. I told a teacher at school in confidence, and the teacher told my family, which I wasn’t ready for.”


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