Strut In 10 Days. Oxygen And Laith Give Us This New Teaser.

LGBT programs come and go and we love or hate them, add to our community or detract, ones we tune in for or throw viewing parties or plan to miss all together.  They introduce us to "Boy"s you want to "Meet" while they're on a gay cruise or avoid "A- List"-ers like the plague while visiting Chicago or Gay Days.  We all have our likes and dislikes and for some reason, I am being drawn to Strut.  I'm looking forward to it more than any of the other LGBT offering we've seen in the past year (or week).  Is it the marketing? Whoopi? The cast of characters?  I just do not know. It's something.  Right now, I'm just going to blame Laith for my interest.  My oh my.

Strut shared this Laith-heavy sneak peak at the series which starts in 10 days, Tuesday September 20th 9/8 on Oxygen.


"Strut” is a series from executive producer Whoopi Goldberg about transgender models breaking down barriers in the industry. “‘Strut” follows a group of inspiring and resilient trailblazers who are working to change the modeling industry, and the world around them, by simply being true to themselves. These individuals will empower viewers as they live their lives fully and unapologetically, despite facing many obstacles throughout their journey. –


Was that clip and the series description enough to get you hooked?  In case you missed our first sharing of the Strut Official Trailer , here is the video again. 





The personalities will either draw you away or keep you watching.  As I mentioned, Laith has my attention right now.  Here's a little bio clip to get to know him better.





Yes, there are other models on the show and I am showing favoritism.  Deal with it cheeky.  Willam and JuJubee are my faves. BAM!

Head over to Youtube to see more 1 min clips of the other models. 

They all seem amazing. Arisce is another model I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know.





Will you watch Strut?

What's drawing you in?

What's pushing you away?



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What do you think?