Students Know What To Do – Cobb County Students Rally At School Board

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Enough is Enough! Students in Cobb County rallied at the local school board meeting to demand harsher penalties for racist, sexist, and homophobic behavior.



11alive reported on March 25th that “students have been pushing for harsher punishments for racist, sexist and homophobic behavior.”

Students arrived in matching black shirts then demanded suspension for anyone that does something racist, sexist, or homophobic. One student speaking at the meeting said,


“The hateful actions we have seen from students are directly and inextricably linked to the past decisions and procedures carried out by this Board.”

The Board did not reply to the student’s demands.

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3 thoughts on “Students Know What To Do – Cobb County Students Rally At School Board”

    • It’s fairly obvious to see that it is Georgia… As the Instagram posts are from GA Youth Justice Coalition. You may not know the counties of major U.S. cities, but it is fairly common knowledge that Cobb is suburban Atlanta. You could also look at the news website (11alive) that is referenced or Wikipedia or Google.

  1. I honestly wish I was protected more from homophobic anti-gay bullying. I wonder how different my life would be w/o excess trauma.


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