Styles Dresses As Dorothy From ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ To Sing…

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Pop superstar Harry Styles gave his fans a Halloween-inspired costume change during his latest concert. On Saturday night the former One Direction member dressed up and performed as Dorothy Gale, the beloved Wizard of Oz character immortalized on screen by the beloved gay icon, Judy Garland.


Styles look is on point in referencing Garland with a blue and white checkered mini skirt, huge red bow, matching red tights topped off with Gucci ruby red slippers. According to People magazine,

“While Styles performed, a picnic basket and a fake dog meant to look just like Dorothy’s Toto from the movie also sat beside the former One Direction member onstage. And staying true to character, Styles also sang his own rendition of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ from The Wizard Of Oz, alongside staple performances of songs already featured on his setlist, including ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and ‘Golden.'”


Judy Garland should need no introduction on a queer website, but…if you don’t who she is there are an endless array of movies and books to get you acquainted with the legendary movie star. {Every queer should have at least a beginning knowledge of Judy!} One of the best is Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows, the 2001 two-part tv-movie which won Emmys for both Judy Davis and Tammy Blanchard.


The hashtag Harry Styles Dorothy (#harrystylesdorothy) has been trending on social media since the performance. The Watermelon Sugar singer is currently touring the country having played this weekend in New York City, the next stop is Milwaukee later this week. 




Sources: People magazine

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