Sugar Daddy Realness! Which LGBTQ Members Are The Richest?

Credit: Elton John Instagram

A very important list has just been released for anyone who wants a sugar daddy, enjoys the wealthier side of things, or is simply jealous that they’ll never make this amount of money in their lifetime. 

Business Insider posted a group of the richest LGBTQ people in the world on Thursday. It includes a variety of well-known names in our community who have excelled in the areas of technology, business, entertainment and more.


Dreamworks Studios creator David Geffen was the first one mentioned with a whopping $9.9B to his name. 

Elton John, who has been raking in the dough for six decades with his chart-topping hits, movies and tours, has earned a fortune of nearly $500M. 


The fashion industry pops up several times with Giorgio Armani ($8.9B), Michael Kors ($600M) and Domenico Dolce ($2B) making the cut.

There were some controversial figures named as well. Ellen DeGeneres, who was doing just fine with her talk show empire until several past and present employees made serious claims that allegedly took place behind the scenes, is still sitting pretty with a net worth of $370M.  

We also have our first transgender billionaire! Jennifer Pritzker, who inherited part of the Hyatt Hotel fortune, is now worth $1.9B. 

The full list can be found here. Sourcing: Business Insider. 

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