Sugarland Performs Song in Dedication of the LGBTQ Community

Sugarland happens to be one of the most iconic and popular country music duos of all-time. Comprised of singer Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush on vocals and acoustic guitar, these two have been burning up the charts for many years and have earned tons of awards in the process.

They are currently on tour and have decided to rotate one song into their set list that speaks to a cause they are passionate about. Though extremely rare to be politically outspoken on liberal topics in the country community, Jennifer has bravely never shied away from her beliefs. 



This month, especially for Pride, Sugarland has been covering Patty Griffin’s “Tony” to help shine a light on the issue of teen suicide and hate speech within the LGBTQ community. 


Here’s what they have to say about doing that song and their support of the LGBTQ community:

Sugarland has always been a band that believes in reaching people through their hearts. Our songs are meant to be shared stories. Our shows have always been places where you are welcome no matter what kind of music you enjoy, what you look like, where you are from, or how or who you love. Simply speaking everyone is welcome here, you & you & you & you. Our music is intended for everyone’s ears. We are using the & (ampersand) in our logo to express and remind everyone that there is acceptance for all here in this place we have created called Sugarl&.”

Right in step with the messaging of our latest album “Bigger”, Kristian and I, being huge supporters of the LGBTQ community, wanted to celebrate pride month during our live show. “Tony”, written by Patti Griffin is a confronting song about a gay, teen suicide. We wanted to play the song and raise awareness among our fanbase about the impact of hate speech and the importance of supporting LGBTQ kids. We contacted our friends at the HRC to supply us with the appropriate messaging to enhance the performance. We hope it touches hearts, possibly changes minds and that our LGBTQ fans, friends and family know they are loved, supported and celebrated. Happy Pride!

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