Summer Arrives Early With Kim Petras’ Latest Dance Floor Ready EP

We might still be deep in the throes of winter, but burgeoning pop princess Kim Petras clearly already has summer dance floors on her mind. Petras just dropped Slut Pop, a seven-track & sensually seductive EP chock full of banging dance tracks. While the forthright single “Treat Me Like A Slut” kicks off the provocative package of tracks with a plea to “let’s get physical” electronica-style, the remainder of the package is daring & chock full of tracks primed for a remix.

Already a massive advocate for the LGBTQ community (Petras herself is a trans woman), she is now embracing her own sexuality with the release of Slut Pop. Gaining inspiration directly from the sex workers community (as well as the consistently unfair stigmatization from society) Slut Pop is (as the release states) “a fun and freeing reminder that no one should be ashamed (or be shamed) for being sexual”. 


The seven song EP contains the exact kind of anthemic pop gems that make up summer playlists, and that we’ve also become accustomed to getting from Ms. Petras. While the lead single is titled “Treat Me Like A Slut” and is a plea to a lover to do exactly that, the EP’s lead single is a bit more of an electro-style banger, but serves as a perfect accompaniment to “Treat Me Like A Slut”. The remainder of the EP contains tracks like “XXX” and “Superpower Bitch” which both show a bit of experimentation on Petras’ sound, but staying true to what made fans fall in love with her initially.

While a great deal of the tracks may not exactly be what would be considered “radio friendly”, singles like “Throat Goat” (about exactly what you think it is) and “They Wanna Fuck” are both the kind of pulsing, provocative and pounding dance music that could easily become Top 40 smashes. 

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