‘Summer Of Love’ Is First Single Off Singer’s Upcoming Fifth Album

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As Labor Day weekend quickly approaches, Canadian singer and heartthrob Shawn Mendes is doing his part to keep us fully entrenched in the vibes of summer with his new single, “Summer of Love.” Mendes also premiered the video for the song, appropriately set on a beach. The 23-year-old “Stitches” singer filmed the video a few weeks ago on a trip to Spain with friends. 


Mendes released a statement discussing the song,

“I hope this song makes people feel free, free from the weight of life, even if just for a moment. The inspiration was getting a few months off to have a real summer with the people I love. My favorite part about creating it was getting the opportunity to work in the studio with Tainy. It was a special experience connecting with him since he’s such an incredible artist and amazing producer.”  


Mendes tattoos are on glorious display throughout the 3-minute video…want to know more about the 14 tattoos and their meanings? Click here.

Catchy lyrics with a sun soaked video, this could have been a song of the summer contender if it was released a few weeks ago! 

“Kisses on your body /were like heaven /We were taking it slow /Tangled in the sheets until the evening /There was nowhere to go, yeah /We were in a daze, learning each other’s shapes /Tracing shadows of rain down your back, /oh Kisses on your body, /in my memory, baby, nothing comes close [Chorus] It was the summer of love /A delicate daydream /And for a couple of months It felt like we were 18, /yeah It was the summer of”





Enough talking about the video and the song, why not just watch it! 

What do we think Instincters, are you adding this song to any of your playlists? Sound off in the comments below!

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