Summerize Your Skin!

Summer is officially here! Great news for your social life, but not so great for your skin. More time outdoors means more exposure to harsh sun and skin-zapping free radicals, while all those Sunday Fundays take a toll as well. Keep that pretty selfie-maker clean, glowing and protected with just a few simple steps…

LIGHTEN UP: Oil glands work overtime in the heat of the summer, so the last thing we need is to slather on our luxe cooler-weather moisturizer. Try a refreshing hydrating gel! SAMPAR’s 3 Day Weekend is a cooling, gel-based drink of water for the skin that melts right in leaving no residue. Use a thin layer as an impromptu hydrating mask or store in the fridge for an icy skin treat. ($55, available at Gregory Dylan Beauty)

USE PROTECTION: Most people think sunscreen has to be a thick, white mess they would rather not deal with. Well not anymore! SPF products have come a long way, so find one that is lightweight and silky with at least an SPF of 30. My favorite is L’Oreal Sublime Sun SPF 50. This liquid-silk formula glides on without any white residue or oiliness. (Available at most drug stores at a steal around $10.)

YOU BEEN DRINKIN’: And I’m guessing it’s not just water. We’re all guilty here—daytime fun goes hand in hand with cocktails. Deliciously dehydrating, alcohol robs the skin and body of vital hydration. Try the “Pause and Pose.” Take a break between drinks to toss down a bottle of water and get the day’s perfect, filter-free selfie. Your face (and body) will thank you tomorrow,  and all the “likes” will be well worth it!

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