‘Super Shore’ Star Comes Out as Gay (and Really Happy!)

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There’s a B and a Q in LGBTQ for a reason, but one thing you won’t find is a timeline. The journey to self-acceptance and self-love happens at your own pace; even into your 30s! 

Reality television star Grant Coulson recently came out of the closet by showing off his boyfriend, Scott, on social media. This came as a shock to his fans, as the Super Shore star had previously bragged about sleeping with over 30 women during his short TV stints. 


The 31-year-old former model appeared in the Jersey Shore spin-off’s Geordie Shore spin-off (did you follow that?) called Super Shore in 2016. He also appeared in a single episode of dating show Undressed in 2017. Since his reality TV time, he’s lived the life of a socialite and has taken odd jobs in mixed media. 

While speaking to The Sun, Grant divulged that having to constantly hide his sexuality from the public led to a series of anxiety driven breakdowns. This can be seen with his numerous tabloid adventures including cursing on live television, getting kicked off an airplane and spending taxpayer money on cosmetic surgery


This is why mental health is such an integral part of overall health!

While also speaking to The Sun, he talked about why he chose to hide his sexuality on TV:

When I was doing TV shows, I didn’t want anyone to know back then because I feel like it would have ruined the opportunity. It was a bit like you were in a character because on Geordie Shore. You are around these alpha males who go out every night pulling lasses, basically, and that’s the kind of people they wanted on the show at the time. So, I had to go along with that.


Now that he’s found the right man in Scott, Grant is living his best life – stress free and with lots of honesty. He reports to the media that he’s never been happier and hopes to marry Scott one day.


Grant also attempted to launch a reality TV comeback in 2022 with Send Nudes, but left production due to creative differences. 

Welcome to the team, Mr. Coulson! I’m glad that you’re happy, healthy and loved. Wishing you and Scott all the best! 

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