‘Superman’ Could Be Getting A Reboot-With Michael B Jordan In The Role

From Wonder Woman 1984 having massive success, the eagerly anticipated Justice League-Snyder Cut on HBO Max, to upcoming big screen re-imaginings of both Batman and The Flash, it definitely seems like our favorite DC superheroes are arriving at multiplexes everywhere to save the day. It looks like we can now add the Man of Steel himself to that list; Deadline is reporting that Superman is officially being rebooted, with JJ Abrams on board to produce & author Ta-Nehisi Coates is on board to write the script. This is not Coates’ first time working with comic book superheroes; Coates has previously written both a Black Panther and a Captain America series for Marvel Comics, in addition to getting a special thanks credit on on Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame and Black Panther.

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Actors that have portrayed the Man of Steel on the big-screen run the gamut from legendary (Christopher Reeve) to traditional (Henry Cavill) to unfairly maligned (Brandon Routh), but it’s the latest performer being buzzed about to step into Superman’s tights that will truly take the Justice League member to new heights; Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan is being buzzed about to be taking on the role of Superman. As for Henry Cavill (who most recently has portrayed Superman and will be portraying him in next month’s Justice League-Snyder Cut), his exit from the role has been rumbled about for several years. While initially shot down, reports surfaced that Cavill might be interested in stepping into the red boots once more. Now it is appearing that Warner Bros. might be rebooting the franchise completely with a new star in the role. 

While Cosmic Book News is reporting that Abrams has met with Cavill about taking on the role once more, Jordan is also being discussed to portray Superman (Ta-Nehisi Coates is also writing the drama Wrong Answer, which Jordan is attached to star in). Jordan appears to be interested in portraying Calvin Ellis (the black Superman in the ‘Superman’ comics) who goes on to become President of the United States. Jordan has apparently met with Abrams and given his vision of the role, but is not able to commit to the role just yet. There is also the possibility that we could be seeing a “Multiverse” type of Superman, with Cavill retaining the role for films like Black Adam, while Jordan could potentially play the role as an entirely separate Superman. 

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