‘Superstore’s Nico Santos and ‘Survivor’s Zeke Smith Tie the Knot

Another lovely couple have tied the knot after ‘Superstore’ actor Nico Santos and ‘Survivor’ contestant Zeke Smith got married in Palm Springs, California over the weekend. <3

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The two of them have been dating for nearly 6 years, and they got engaged at the GLAAD Media Awards back in April 2022. Almost 6 years ago, the couple met at the same awards show, which is why the event is meaningful to them.


Their engagement happened when Smith got down on one knee and proposed to Santos after they gave speeches about LGBTQ+ representation during the awards show. On Saturday, the adorable couple finally made it official as husbands.

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They tied the knot at the Parker Hotel, and their wedding day just so happened to be set during Palm Springs’ Pride weekend. Moreover, Santos is known for starring in the sitcom ‘Superstore’ and the 2018 film ‘Crazy Rich Asians’.

Meanwhile, Smith is an alum of ‘Survivor’, making history as the first-ever trans man to compete in the reality show. In an interview with People, Santos described their special day as a “big gay wedding.”


“A lot of our guests are queer as well, so we thought let’s just stick to the date and have it during Pride weekend. So it’ll be extra gay,” the 44-year-old Filipino-American actor shared.

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After getting married, the couple are having their “mini-moon” in Joshua Tree. They are also going on their actual honeymoon in Europe next year. According to the outlet, Santos and Smith are planning to travel through Italy — from Rome to the Amalfi Coast to Tuscany.

Congratulations to the lovely married couple Nico Santos and Zeke Smith! <3

Sources: etonline.com, people.com

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  1. I only click on articles that feature gay men or lesbian women because quite frankly I don’t care about anything else and I never comment on anything that doesn’t have to do with gay men but I will call the erasure of gay men out whenever I see it! This “article” about a straight couple getting married is anything but gay! A woman who thinks she’s a man marries a man! This is not a big gay wedding it’s a big straight wedding period. No amount of mental gymnastics will change that fact. Enough of this nonsense. STOP ERASING GAY MEN!


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