Surgery-Addicted Rodrigo Alves Announces New Transition To Womanhood

Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves – “Botched” E/ Mirror UK screenshot

It’s always a feel-good story of triumph to read about someone finally evolving to their true self. Within the LGBTQ community, for some, such evolution often comes after years of pain, self-loathing, isolation, and rejection. Especially trans people have perhaps the hardest burden to bear from a societal standpoint, and that makes their decision to transition to their true gender, all the more poignant.

Keeping that in mind, as I read the news of insatiable headline seeker, former Big Brother contestant, and “Botched” feature subject Rodrigo Alves, I can’t help but to think he might be the type of person to do anything to stay in the spotlight.

Alves became known as the man who spent over 500K (British pounds) to look like a living Ken doll, a fete which miserably failed if you ask me. Still, he reached a pseudo level of fame with each new facelift, ab etchings, ab implants, muscle implants, and oh yes, there was that time, he had the ab implants removed and reimplanted in his buttocks because he wanted a J-Lo booty.


Granted, all these things would not be something I would take issue with if Alves had not invited Paparazzi photographers to capture each procedure over the years. He then made sure to license all the photos to British Newspapers, seemingly just as addicted to being in the headlines as he was with altering his appearance.  

Well, once again, Alves has re-emerged and with a brand new revelation that he is now transgender and wishes to be identified as a woman.  

In a recent Mirror UK article, the “Human Ken Doll” makes the liberating admission, ‘I always felt like Barbie.’ Rodrigo, who now prefers to be called, “Roddy” shows off her new glam look in a photoshoot and shares that her hidden gender identity is what fueled her years of extreme surgeries.

Roddy Avles – Instagram

If Roddy is happy, I’m delighted for her, but I suspect this is not the last time we’ll be reading about her altering her looks. I have no idea what’s next, but perhaps now she’ll be finally happy enough with herself to at least stop altering her nose. Seriously it’s so small now; one nostril looks collapsed, and I’m not sure how she’s even able to breathe. It makes me gasp for air, just looking at it.

And to the point I was making earlier about Alves being someone who might do anything to make the evening news, I’m just not sure if this is truly an evolution in one’s self-journey or just another publicity stunt.

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  1. The things he/she will do for attention have no bounds. They will do whatever gets the most pictures and stories in the press. So narcissistic and utterly self obsessed. They need to see a psychiatrist not a plastic surgeon you truly have to have something wrong with you to do this to yourself.


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