Survey Asks How Many British Citizens Would Be Comfortable With An LGB Monarch

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Would the British accept a gay monarch? One survey is trying to find out.


With the Oscars just behind us, and Olivia Colman the Best Actress award winner, some are talking about the idea of a gay monarch.

In the Favourite, Colman played Queen Anne. This interpretation of the queen had two female lovers: Sarah Churchhill, Duchess of Marlborough, and Baroness Abigail Masham.

Regarding the real Queen Anne, historians aren’t so sure such relationships were true. There is no evidence of Queen Anne having same-sex lovers, but some believe there is truth to the idea.

True or not, British people shared that they’d be ok if a current monarch were to be gay. In fact, according to Sky News, 63% of British people would be comfortable with LGB royalty.


The data comes from Sky News’ own poll that asked readers how comfortable they’d be with a LGB monarch, prime minister, boss, and child.

Oscar winner Olivia Colman (right) as Queen Anne in "The Favourite" / Image via Fox Searchlight Pictures

The results found that 77% of respondents were comfortable with a LGB boss. Then, 68% were comfortable with a LGB prime minister.


That said, the amount of people comfortable with a LGB child were the lowest number out of the group with 60%. Though, they still had the majority as opposed to 27% who were uncomfortable with the idea and 13% who couldn’t decide.

"The idea of having a gay boss or a gay prime minister may be less threatening as our relationships to these individuals are more distant and based on professional or public interactions,' said sexuality specialist Dr Yates to Sky News.

He added: "The idea of a child being gay – although not seen through the lens of complete rejection and outrage it once was – is still in many ways considered a second choice.

"Visibility of sexual difference in many walks of life has increased and LGBT+ individuals and their allies have been able to dispel stereotypes that denigrate homosexuality and gender differences."

There have been rumors and historical evidence pointing towards possible LGB relations with the British Royal monarchs, such as letters between King James VI and the Duke of Buckingham or Edward II’s infatuation with Piers Gaveston. But, there has yet to be an openly gay monarch.

That said, there are openly gay members of the royal family such as Ivar Mountbatten who got married last year. Also, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry have expressed their support of LGBTQ issues and hired openly gay staff before (who later stepped down).

With all this comfort around the idea, perhaps there may be an openly LGB monarch in due time.

h/t: Sky News

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