Survey on Anal Sex Prep Says 13% Of Gay Men Have Anal Sex Daily

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We have another pseudo-survey for you all to read over.


Let’s be honest, we, or at least this Instinct Writer, are getting just as tired as you all of these continual online polls that are kind of surveys which are kind of studies. Most often than not, these polls have such a small sample size that they can’t actually be considered representative.

That said, its these online polls and surveys that are asking questions about the LGBTQ community that no other researchers are asking. From infidelity within the gay community to safe-sex practices for gay and bisexual men, these surveys start interesting discussions about life for gay and bisexual men. So, they at least have some worth on sites like Instinct.

And what’s the latest survey we’ll be talking about? One done by Bespoke Surgical.

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Bespoke Surgical, which aims to create social insight through research, tried to look at the preparation practices between sexually active gay men and straight women especially concerning anal sex.

Using an online survey, Bespoke Surgical contacted 600 Americans of all ages and asked them multiple questions. Half of the respondents were gay men, and the other 300 were straight women.

While my initial response was to question why straight men were left out of the survey (because their exclusion means the researchers don’t care for info on penetrative partners during anal sex and thus create a problem with top and verse gay men), I’m was happy to find the researchers at least asked about gay men's sexual positions.


Researchers first asked for the preferred sexual positions of the 300 respondents and found a fairly even split (39% tops, 33% verse, 29% bottoms).

They then asked gay men how often they have anal sex. The results found that 39% of respondents had anal sex a couple times a week, 24% a couple times a month, and 13% had it daily.

Bespoke Surgical then asked how the gay men prepared for anal sex. The results found that 42% of the 300 gay men reported using an anal cleanser before sex at least on fairly frequent basis. Then 38% rarely do while 21% said sometimes.

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They also found that the gay men who have anal sex daily were 1.3-2.1 times more likely to always use a cleansing product. Meaning, the less anal sex respondents had, the less often they would use a product to clean themselves.

To round out the questions for gay men, Bespoke Surgical asked them about other sexual practices. 37% of respondents said they always use a condom while 21% said occasionally and 16% said never.

Also, 41% of the gay male respondents said they’ve experienced tearing during anal sex. Lastly, 45% said they don’t use sex toys for anal sex, while 55% said they do. Within that group who have used sex toys, 41% said they use it to prepare for anal sex.

Again, this survey isn’t so much to be true representation for gay men, but act as a basis for us to understand the topic and research more from here. Right now, the point of the survey is to get us thinking and talking about the topic.

What are your thoughts on the results? Do they reflect your sexual practices? What would some of your answers be to these questions? Let us know down in the comments.

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