Survivor Alum Michael Yerger Delivers Insanely Thirst-Quenching Photo Shoot

Survivor is one of those shows that is guaranteed to have at least two to three hot guys inhabit its beaches and shores each season.


Historically they’ve featured men that can easily be ranked towards the top when it comes to the hottest male reality television stars of all time. Anyone remember Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers contestant JP Hilsabeck getting totally naked to prove he didn’t have a hidden immunity idol? I sure as heck do.







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Another hot guy that we can add to this list is Michael Yerger, who competed on Survivor: Ghost Island in 2018. He performed decently well and was voted out 12th and became the fifth jury member that season.  

Michael is a big-time model in real life, as he is signed to both LA Models and Ford Models. This has included some pretty sexy photo shoots along the way, but one stands out more than the others.


The 20-year-old shared several Instagram stories of him posing with one hand down his pants while being filmed by the equally sexy director Santiago Bisso. Not sure what in the living heck this was for, but does it really matter? Just LOOK!

Want to see more of MIchael? Check him out on Instagram here.

11 thoughts on “Survivor Alum Michael Yerger Delivers Insanely Thirst-Quenching Photo Shoot”

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    • You’ve obviously not seen any

      You’ve obviously not seen any of his modeling pics of him in his underwear. Then there’s that “leaked” dick pic floating around. Either way you’re not at all accurate.

  2. No way this dude is 18 years

    No way this dude is 18 years old. I think they mean 28. If he's 18, then he needs to sue his parents for bad genes & aging badly….not cute.

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