‘Survivor’ Contestant JP Dons Cozy Towel During Chit Chat. We’re Jealous Of The Linens.

By this point and time, many of you out there are familiar, or at least have heard of, the show Survivor.  Over its 35 seasons, the show has been known for its calculating strategies, brutal weather conditions, and having some extremely hot guys face the physical and mental elements in their quest for 1 million dollars.

One of those contestants this past season was from the Heroes tribe (the basis behind this season was Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers), and his name is JP Calderon.  JP got a ton of attention on the first episode, where he stripped completely naked to prove to fellow tribe member (another stunner) Alan that he did not have a hidden immunity idol on him at all. (See clip above).

He was eliminated a couple of episodes ago, which is a shame given how much fun he was to watch on the beach all shirtless and stuff, but fear not, his hotness continues at Ponderosa, where the eliminated jury members hang out until it's time to go back to tribal council.  

During his time there, he got into a conversation with recently ousted tribe member Ashley, where he wore nothing but a lovely towel that pretty much showed off more of his goods.  If there was a "hottest' award given this season… JP definitely has our vote.

Enjoy. Full clip here. Skip ahead to 6:15 to get just before JP's scene.


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