Susan Lucci Is Ready To Bring Erica Kane Back To Television

In the little over a decade since daytime and cultural staple All My Children was cancelled, fans have yearned to see what happened to all of their favorite Pine Valley denizens, specifically Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler Montgomery Montgomery Chandler Marick Marick Montgomery (her marriage to Mike Roy was not legal). With Pine Valley possibly being resurrected as a nighttime reboot of sorts of the original serial, a recent interview that Erica Kane’s equally legendary portrayer Susan Lucci gave indicates that she just might be ready to once again, step into the role that made her a household name 

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During a conversation with David Yontef on Behind The Velvet Rope (which you can hear in full here), ‘La Lucci’ (as Regis Philbin coined her many years ago), said that she was totally game to join the next chapter of the denizens of Pine Valley. “They tell me, yes. And I told them, ‘Yes, I’m interested,’” Lucci said. She went on to sound very promising about the reboot, saying about Pine Valley “It’s very, very cleverly done and it takes into account the characters who the audience loves and puts some new characters in there that keeps it very fresh, so, I’m excited to see if that really goes.” 



From her portrayal of Erica Kane on All My Children to her portrayal of the equally devilishly divine Genevieve Delatour on Devious Maids, Susan Lucci is known for playing larger than life women, who are without a doubt, never waiting for a man to realize their goals and dreams. With that in mind, Lucci was asked if she would ever consider taking part in the Real Housewives franchise. While Lucci said that she would had never “thought of being a Housewife of anywhere”, she stated emphatically that she would work for Andy Cohen “any time and place” and that she would be willing to “give it a whirl”


A number of years ago, Andy spoke with Anderson Cooper indicating after he had been a lifelong fan of All My Children, Cohen reached out to Susan Lucci to interview him for his college newspaper by simply writing a letter to her (Cohen actually was interviewing her for an assignment for a news writing and reporting class). Cohen has gone on to interview Lucci numerous times on Watch What Happens Live as well as when guest-hosting with Kelly Ripa on Live With Kelly and Ryan. From her perspective, Lucci said of Andy (during a guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live) that during her first meeting with Cohen, she “wish she had saved the letter” Cohen had written her and that he had “impressed her so much”. 

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  1. Isn’t Susan Lucci pushing 80? Add to that her face has been stretched and pulled and tightened beyond recognition, so she’ll be the misunderstood ingenue who’s 35 set to marry for the 14th time to the son of her 4th husband who’s wife was her 28 daughter she forgot she had ,she had amnesia and didn’t remember giving birth and no one told her. So the daughter’s twin sister(yes she had twins, and still doesn’t remember) will kill her own sister because her brother in law lover married the wrong sister accidentally , and during the trial Erica will have a breakthrough remembering she had twin daughters , the “dead” twin will come back to life as a brunette with brown eyes,when she left she was a blue eyed blonde. She’ll confess to faking her death to get revenge on her identical twin sister and her unfaithful husband and her mother for being forgetful. Then she’ll marry her mother’s 7th husband’s daughter’s ex husband revealing he is the true love of her life. It’s like I got ahold of a soap opera script.


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