Suspected Domestic Terrorist That Scared Austin Citizens Was Also Misogynistic and Homophobic

Image via Facebook @DaneneConditt

Turns out, the young man believed to be a domestic terrorist who tried to ship two bombs to Austin through a FedEx was misogynistic and homophobic. What a shocker.

After the initial bombs went off at a Sunset Valley FedEx, police quickly found the bomber. But then, the man suspected of the crimes killed himself before he could be arrested.

24-year-old Mark Conditt from Pflugerville decided to blow himself up early this morning when police were closing in on him.

On top of that, people have discovered a blog where a Mark Conditt wrote out some of his thoughts on politics and social issues.

Police haven’t officially confirmed that the Mark Conditt from Pflugerville, Texas who made this blog is the same Mark Conditt who terrorized the city of Austin. That said, there is only one person with that name in the town of Pflugerville.

On the site titled “Defining My Stance,” Mark Conditt wrote that he thought women should only have sex for the purposes of reproduction. He also shared his negative thoughts on gay marriage.

“There are a couple things wrong with your argument that I would like to correct.  First, falling in love is a choice.  When you ‘fall in love’ you become infatuated with your significant other, and you will eventually fall out of love.”

“ Second, yes, the government shouldn't tell them whom they can and cannot marry, but we shouldn't even have this problem!  Homosexuality is not natural. Just look at the male and female bodies. They are obviously designed to couple. The natural design is apparent. It is not natural to couple male with male and female with female. It would be like trying to fit two screws together and to nuts together and then say, ‘See, it’s natural for them to go together.’”

“In addition, political protection of a sexual practice is ludicrous. I do not believe it is proper to pass laws stating that homosexuals have 'rights.' What about pedophilia or bestiality? These are sexual practices. Should they also be protected by law? If homosexuality is protected by law, why not those as well?”

Image via Facebook @DaneneConditt

Its also been revealed that this blog was created by a Mark Conditt for a US government class at the Austin Community College in 2012.

One of Conditt’s classmates for that specific class, named McKenna McIntosh, spoke to the New York Post about her former classmate whom she instantly recognized.

“I remember him and being in class with him but not his blog specifically,” she said.

McIntosh also shared that she cried when she heard the news of Conditt’s passing on Facebook and of the crimes he’s been accused of.

“I can’t believe I was even within reach, at one point, with someone who is capable of these acts,” she added.

The acts of which have left Austin residents in fear. Two people have died from the earlier bombs and four were injured. On top of that, there remains the possibility that Conditt had hidden or sent out more bombs across the city.

h/t: The New York Post

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