Tag Us Tuesdays! Readers Playing Instinct Instagram Tag

Each time we paw through our Instagram tagged tab, we catch a different bunch of new followers and new pics.  We had some great ones tagging us, but they didn't follow us so we didn't include them below.  Hey, we all like followers so scratch out back and we'll return the favor. 

Let's catch up with some of the Instagrammers that decided to follow us and tag us on Instagram: @instinctmagazine . 


I truly LOVE it when people are inspirational in their Instagram posts.  Chad Jaxon Perez or @chadperez did just that with this throwback.

So I decided to cover Shawn Mendes’ “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” and shoot a music video with it as my coming out video. To be able to sing that song on stage, at an event all about using our platforms to help LGBTQ youth voices be heard and spread awareness & visibility for the entire community, was honestly a priceless moment for me. 

Not only is this a great inspirational piece, but Chad was helping the @lalgbtcenter with their  Inaugural #OUTfluence event at Vidcon!  We often benefit from our LGBT centers, but we need to remember to help them help us and others.  Bravo Chad!



What?  We were not already following Roscoe's?  It's one of our favorite places to strap on a metal pelvic plate, take a grinder, and make sparks fly in Chicago. We actually saw two women do that one night there. TRUTH!  

@roscoestavern is usually our first and last and middle stop when touring through Boystown in the windy city.  Thanks for tagging us and being a great place to be ourselves when we visit your great city!



We're going to be in Seattle for a couple weeks around Christmas and New Year's so we're going to have to look up Tyler Hannan.  Instinct was lucky enough to be tagged in two of his posts so we're sharing both. If @tylerthannan is what Seattle has to offer, we will be very happy there. Merry Christmas indeed.  And those gladiator legs!!!






Friday night workout. #flexfriday #arms #progress

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Wanna fight? #gladiator #halloween #progress

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@emrhyscooper grabbed our attention with a post we are tagged in about Trophy Boy.  No, it's not Andrew Christain underwear, but instead a film Cooper directed and produced from the ground up.  Flip through the pics in the Insta and then watch the preview of his film. Got questions? Reach out to him and ask away. I am sure "Trophy Boy" would love the attention. 







What a unbelievable journey this has been! Just over a year ago I had an idea that I wanted to make a film. I had know idea what to expect, directing & producing from the ground up. But all that I can is that it’s been one hell of an amazing ride. From NYC, London, Cannes to LA…then the rest is a bit of a blur Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart for my making this film happen, believing in me, & supporting this roller coaster. From the all film festivals, winner of 3 awards so far, the incredible reviews, amazing press coverage, my friends/team for showing up to the screenings, and to all the kind words I am now receiving, you really have touched my heart & make me want to continue telling stories. @trophyboyfilm is out now avail on @vimeo (link in my bio) & streaming on @mydekkoo | @emcoentertain @inclineproductionsny @thebenjaminmurray @abcjohnston @geraldmccullouch @donaljbrophy @jonastew @amandajcarmona @mdchrist @kristen_schrader @christiansuau @martylucerofilm @blondzd0itbetter @lynnmancinelli | sales @circusroadfilms | @popularpublicity | @londonflairpr | @festivaldecannes #trophyboyfilm special thanks to @lillingstoncollection @clubcumming @highlandsnyc @_amanda_collins @rmlutz123 @blisskent @fleurcooper7 @rjisherwood @jase_woodruff @rob_dauber @alexandrovazara @lookseeloo @danikaunderhill | poster design @_dogandpony_ | graphic @abr.artist | @variety @theadvocatemag @filmdebate @amfar @catskillinternationalfilm @fabulousmag @filmthreat @outmagazine @pride_site @kinksternyc @instinctmagazine @indieshortsmag @tlrd @andywasthere @hornet @gaystarnews @jamietabberer @boommagstl @vadamagazine @meanshappy | music @iiaydinii & @cameroneneilson | Photographer’s – @andrewwerner @_melchapman_ @gavinbeasley @olegbogdancom @ryanunderfire #trophyboy | clothes @relatedgarments @scotch_official @taniunderwear @tomford @jcrew #Trophyboyfilm #outnow #indie #socialmedia | @latalkradio @xxodanielle

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@noelphotostudio tagged us in three posts so we're going to share all of them. It's not easy being blue, but it is that time of year when the boys are able to flash that summer body one last time. We did not realize that photographers have onlyfans.com accounts. Truth is some of us have never visited that .com before, but we can hop over to Noel's Instagram and take a peek at what he as to offer. 







Bright Monday Mornings #NoelPhotoStudios #malemodel #male

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This weekend we've seen the number 13 quite a bit.  Was it all a premonition for getting tagged by @dustindonner13 ? Possibly.  And of course throw in Halloween and this is the perfect post.

Looking at his full Instagram, we're loving the variety of pics, ranging from family pics, drag queens, his cakes, and then some. Thanks for the tag Dustin!







Cmon Reptar let’s do this #halloqueen @instinctmagazine @officialrugrats #TommyPickles

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@thebillrossi had one of his products features in an InstinctMagazine.com post recently.  We covered his Epic Popcorn in Why it's Vital for Brands to Support the LGBTQ Community in 2018

I was so excited to see my feature in @instinctmagazine! I discussed the fact that @epicgourmetpopcorn is the first and only @nglcc Certified popcorn company in the U.S.

We were proud to mention you as well as highlight NGLCC.  MMMmmmm  popcorn.



Honorable mention – I wanted to re-mention randyaddison_photographer since he tagged us in this pic of Gabriel.  we have covered this Instagram account before, but I wanted to share this pic of @gabriel_da_bear as he was a bouncer at Southern Nights in Wilton Manors, Florida when a patron seemed to be tripping on something and was not being too kind to me and my friends.  Gabriel took care of the situation and we were all grateful.  Thanks again Gabriel!



Once again, if you want to be in one of our round ups, tag us in a fun, hot, educationa, sexy, cute, different Instagram post AND follow us (Instagram: @instinctmagazine) in one of your Instagram posts and we will see what we can do.  We're only going to share the posts we are tagged in, so make your tags good ones!

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