Tag Us Tuesdays! Who’s Playing Instinct Instagram Tag – December 11

As the weather gets a little colder outside, a chilly 53 degrees here in Fort Lauderdale, I find it very warming (down there) to thumb through our Instagram tagged tab to see what presents people have left us.

I wanted to compile a little different list this week, trying to hit on music, art, sexiness, happiness, and health.  Here are some of the Instagrammers that decided to follow us and tag us on Instagram: @instinctmagazine that we wanted to share with you.

@areksworld – I have to admit, your bum shot was what caught my attention, so BAM! It's the first pic up on here  But digging into Arek's page, I gasped, hand went to the chest and a loud NO WAY! was exclaimed.  This man has been on Doctor Who! We would love to hear more about your experiences on the set, Arek!  We also love all the DIVA selfies you've included, too. So jealous all around!






@zetadrag is our first Drag person on one of our "Tag Us" posts. We're not sure what kind of cuddle buddy she is looking for with the pie, the chain, pills, mix tape, and condoms, but we are intrigued.  Zeta Jones also had a moment of clarity as they realized that it's quite okay to have a crush on ones self.  I just asked one of our writers whi is in NYC and he said Zeta is amazing and just interviewed her.  We cannot wait to read it!





@jamesguaylmft – I want to thank you for your page. At first, I just listened to your words.  Your voice is so soothing. So different than the yelling that we here day in and day out. I could just listen to your tone and your words all day. Then I started listening to what you were saying … needless to say, I need to finish this post, but when I am done, I am going back to your page and listening to what you are telling us, word for word. 





@tayloromusic – Taylor Olson is one of our LGBT musicians that we love to follow everywhere.  Now with his new "All Night" video coming out, we get to see him in action.  If you see him in WeHo, give him a shout out.  In the mean time, let's take a look at his recent Instagram posts and his new music video. 








@mattjacobi  – Matt's been on here before, but his Instagram post and tag this week was so on point as to where we are going and where we need to go with marriage equality.  Matt and his fiancé are planning the big day, but ran into this problem when it came to wedding goodies and gifts. 



Thanks all for the continuous tags.  Keep 'em coming!  Once again, if you want to be in one of our round ups, tag us in a fun, hot, educational, sexy, cute, different Instagram post AND follow us (Instagram: @instinctmagazine) in one of your Instagram posts and we will see what we can do.  We like to share the posts we are tagged in, so make your tags good ones!

What do you think?