Tag – We’re It! This Week’s Hotties Playing Instinct Instagram Tag

We unfortunately missed sharing with you some of the hotties that have been tagging us recently as I was in Canada and Maine for a couple of weeks.  Let's catch up with some of the Instagrammers that decided to follow us and tag us on Instagram: @instinctmagazine

Marco … Polo … we found you.  And bald is sexy!  Is Marco Polo is his real name?  We're not sure, but we're going to go with it. And if we were in Los Angeles, we may look up is Marco Polo Cafe which flies our family flag.  No, Marco is not family, but we can appreciate a beautiful bald head, a great body, and a good cup of tea. Thanks for following us marco_polo_official and even though your post says hungry, we may be a little thirsty, too.

I am not sure if we featured this "Tagger" before or not, but this Instagram post we were tagged in needed to be shared.  Are the dog days of summer over? Hmmm, not yet, apparently!

Thanks brogan_nyc for keeping us smiling.  Woof!

I get DNA Magazine in my email and I love it. I don't know why, but seeing hot foreign men does it for me. Jump over to our Instagram and we see that mbmodelphotography is following us and tagging us.  Fine, we'll look at some buns, wet undies, painted bodies, and this scruffy specimen.  Thanks Markus for following us.  We followed right back and cannot wait for new editions! That last one in the red undies and spilled milk … can we see more?





Did I say I was traveling for a while?  Why yes I was!  And one of the fellow LGBT journalists I was traveling with was wexlerwrites . You'll have to hop over to his wexlerwrites.com page to find out his first name, just in case he is keeping that a secret.

Mr Wexler covers not only the food, travel, and lifestyle in his place of residence, NYC, but as you can see below, we enjoyed Calgary, Alberta, Canada, too.

And yes, bald is beautiful, part 2. 





A terrific week in Alberta – stories coming soon for @edgemedianetwork , ‘Til next time, Canada!

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pasqualinobeltempo … I had to cut and paste that name.  It is beautiful, but I am sure I would type it wrong. You may as well so we gave you the link. Check out his Madonna post, his many coffee posts, and his overall sense of humor.  If a guy is sexy, he'll get our attention. If he has a sense of humor and can make us smile, he'll keep us interested forever.





Home=Happiness #smiles #boys #denimvest #ragazzo #hesamodel #gunz #hipster #boyshair #menstyle #cuteboy

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And following one of the rules of our "Tag – We're It" , pasqualinobeltempo followed us, so we followed him back and we shared just the pic he tagged us in.  For all of our benefit, he tagged us in two so we're sharing both.


We know this guy!  In two previous Instinct Magazine posts (Hockey Player Brock McGillis Comes Out As Gay and Instinct Exclusive: Hockey Heartthrob, Brock McGillis) we shared Brock's story.  Brock went back in his camera files and found this pic from New Year's Eve last year, but since he followed us, chose this pic, and tagged us, we'll share it.  Read the posts linked above to learn more about brockmcgillis33 .



Matt M . mischieviousmatt . Damn!  See this is how it is done.  We love seeing that option to follow back and oh … we … did ! Is this you getting dressed or undressed for us? We'd vote for being in the same room for either activity. We did spend some time one-handedly scrolling through your Instagram and did see you actually were in DNA Magazine!






I’ve been expecting you… #meninsuits #sundayfunday #instagay #guysinunderwear #underwearmodel #daddyissues

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We'll try to get these posted up on Tuesday nights, but what a way to start off hump day!

Once again, if you want to be in one of our weekly round ups, follow us on Instagram AND tag us (Instagram: @instinctmagazine) in one of your Instagram posts and we will see what we can do.  We're only going to share the ones we are tagged in, and we will try and share new accounts we are wanting to share. So make your selection a good one!  And if you don't follow us, well, we may not include you here. It's only fair.

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