Taika Waititi Changes Daniel Craig’s Image for New Groovy Ad

After concluding his James Bond portrayal, which lasted for 15 years, Daniel Craig recently changed his image from the dashing Secret Agent 007 to a flamboyant dancer for a new vodka ad.

(c) Belvedere Vodka Ad

The 54-year-old English actor can be seen grooving to the latest single of artists Rita Ora and Giggs, and the internet had a lot of thoughts, feelings and memes about the Belvedere Vodka ad, which was directed by ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ filmmaker Taika Waititi.






And if the Craig, Waititi, Ora, and Giggs collab wasn’t enough to make this ad epic, the actor’s moves were also choreographed by “Singles Ladies” genius JaQuel Knight! Honestly, what more can we ask for? <3

Of course, Twitter had more comments on Craig’s flamboyant dancing, and here are some of them:

“This is how I imagine Daniel Craig dancing in the gay club,” one user tweeted.

Another one wrote,


“Bond got moves.

10s Across the Board! Daniel Craig Shows Off His Dance Skills in a New Commercial.”

Someone was even convinced to try out the vodka after seeing Craig’s dance moves…

“Obsesssssed –
does it yet again, but with James Bond honing his dance strut.

Actually makes me consider ordering a Belvedere at the bar next time… #JustSaying”

And now, here’s the vodka ad in question:



Source: huffingtonpost.co.uk

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