Taiwan Celebrates Pride Just Months Before Important Elections

Taiwan’s 21st Pride Parade took place this last Saturday in the capital city of Taipei. Its attendance set a new record for the event with 176,000 participants, said organizer Taiwan Rainbow Civil Action Association. Many are saying it is the biggest pride celebration in Asia, but it is second to the very well-known Tel Aviv Pride which has 250,000+ in attendance.


Advocating Diversity was this year’s theme, a timely title as the presidential and parliamentary elections will take place in January 2024. Seven parties were represented with their own floats in the parade.

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Vice President Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party was the only presidential candidate to take part in the Pride Parade.

“In the future, I will stand by all of you and support you in staying true to yourself and making Taiwan even more beautiful. Marriage for all is not the end, it is the starting point for diversity. I will continue on this path undeterred.”

In 2019, Taiwan was the first country in Asia to open marriage to same-sex couples. In May 2023, Taiwan’s Parliament ratified a change in the law that allows homosexual couples to adopt children. The Taiwan Rainbow Civil Action Association is pushing for for further equality for Lesbians and Gays in regards to immigration and family law, among other things, as well as the recognition of gender diversity.

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