Taiwan Makes Gay History with ‘Boys Like Boys’

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To watch or not to watch, that is the question. I do love my reality TV… 

Boys Like Boys, a former official selection at Kaohsiung International, is continuing its path toward global domination. The gay dating series is already available on YouTube and GagaOOLaLa worldwide and it can also be viewed on WeTV in the Philippines and Thailand. But the role out doesn’t stop there! 


First reported by Variety, Boys Like Boys is now heading to Taiwan via Warner Bros. Discovery’s TLC channel. This marks a historic moment for the country as it is the first LGBT dating reality show to air on a major television network. 

It’s due to hit the small screen in Taiwan in early 2024. 

My Drama List summarizes the show as: 


Courageous men seek love in a six-day journey, discovering heart-stirring first love moments, dealing with unrequited emotions, misunderstandings, and conflicts. At the end of the journey, who will find their true match?

I checked online and it appears Taiwan has always been a gay friendly country. It’s noteworthy because being gay was never illegal there. Gays can serve in the military and legislature exists there to protect gay rights and prosecute discrimination. Gay marriage was made legal there in 2019 and adoption became official in 2023 – although that seems a little late for such a progressive nation. 


Boys Like Boys continues the legacy set by its predecessors including Finding Prince Charming and Bobby I Love You. 

Are you going to seek out this new show? Comment and let me know! 

If you’re still on the fence, let’s take a look at the cast and see if there’s a face you’d be attracted to. 

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  1. Pretty cool that this will be Taiwan’s first gay dating reality show. I’ll definitely give it a try. It also looks like it features several hot gay Asian men, which is a plus for me.


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