Taiwan To Have Its First LGBTQ Focused Art Exhibition

Taipei, Taiwan is having its first LGBTQ focused art exhibition (at a government gallery).

Spectrosynthesis – Asian LGBTQ Issues and Art Now will debut at the Museum of Contemporary Art on September 9 and last until November 5, 2017.

The art work collection will focus on the evolving social structures around LGBTQ life and the artwork will span from half a century.

The art was gathered by curator Sean HU who said:

 “Spectrosynthesis is the first exhibition I have curated related to LGBTQ issues.”

“During the last three years while preparing for the exhibition, I have witnessed a growth in discussions and debates on LGBTQ issues in Asia. The recent constitutional decision in favour of same-sex marriage in Taiwan is of particular significance.”

“Spectrosynthesis will present a wide range of works which relate to the topic of LGBTQ in various ways.”

“The exhibition hopes to stimulate thoughts and challenge values and perspectives on human equality. All parties involved in the exhibition take love as their starting point and I hope this will be the beginning of an open dialogue on the topic.”

Again, if you want to check out the museum, it will start in September and continue until November in Taiwan.

h/t: GayStarNews

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