Taiwanese Gays Are Having A Big Wedding Bash

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LGBTQ people in Taiwan are celebrating the oncoming arrival of gay marriage.

Taiwanese rights organization TAPCRP is organizing a large wedding reception outside the presidential palace in the capital city of Taipei on May 25, according to Gay Star News.

This event is coming on the heels of Taiwan’s Constitutional Court ruling in 2017 that same-sex marriage should be legal. The court then gave lawmakers until May of this year to adjust the law to fit their ruling.

Unfortunately, there has been major opposition to the coming wave of marriage equality. Religious groups heavily campaigned against the ruling and fought for a referendum (public vote) to decide on altering the Civil Code’s definition of marriage to include same-sex couples and whether schools should teach LGBTQ-inclusive lessons. Ultimately, the public voted against both.

A line of Taiwanese citizens preparing for the referendum ./ Image via Facebook @equallovetw

Thankfully, the public vote can’t override the Constitutional Court’s decision that gay marriage needs to be legalized. Now, lawmakers just have to make a new law instead of updating the Civil Code and are currently debating two bills that will do so.

Again, TAPCRP is creating a large wedding reception to celebrate the introduction of gay marriage in Taiwan on May 25. The group has organized 130 tables and plan for 1,000 people to attend.

“We invite everyone to join us in welcoming new pages in Taiwan’s history,” says the event’s invitation.

h/t: Gay Star News

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