Taiwan’s Highest Grossing LGBTQ Film Is Now On Netflix

Image via Netflix and Flash Forward Entertainment

Your Name Engraved Herein is now available for you to stream!

Your Name Engraved Herein is a celebrated LGBTQ film in Taiwan. It is the highest-grossing LGBTQ film in the country and received five nominations from the Golden Horse Award, dubbed the Chinese-language Oscars. The film, which started airing in theaters earlier this year, was executive produced and written by Chu Yu-Ning. This is significant because Chu is regarded as one of Taiwan’s most successful producers.


As for the movie’s plot, it follows two Taiwanese teenagers in the 1980s. Jia-han and Birdy fall in love in the midst of martial law in Taiwan. The film then follows the two as they grow alongside their country. Then after spending time apart, they reunite and see whether their relationship has the same spark it once had.

“I hope viewers can relate to LGBTQ community’s feeling of genuine affection and heartaches that are just as susceptible as everyone else,” director Patrick Liu said in a press release. “I look forward to sparking more discussions across Asia. It is my hope to erase discriminations and heal the world with more love and acceptance. As the film will stream globally soon, I am curious about viewers’ response to this film.”

But the film isn’t only viewable in China. For U.S. viewers, you can now watch the show on Netflix!

Writer/producer Chu Yu Ning noted, “All Netflix viewers will soon be fully-immersed into a timeless tale filled with affection. We welcome everyone to rediscover part of their first love in this film.”

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