Take a Grand Gander at These Mouthwatering Photos!

I have boxer-briefs with pockets, boxer-briefs with butt enhancers and boxer-briefs that glow in the dark. There’s so much you can do with your delicates when you don’t shop for them at Target. While Grand Axis may not be anything innovative, it’s a shame to see Twitter discriminating against a fellow underwear enthusiast.

Singer, model, entrepreneur and LGBT activist Steve Grand has received his second suspension from Twitter following promotion of his clothing line, Grand Axis. Although adult entertainers can share clips of themselves getting railed on the social media platform, Grand’s account was suspended for a second time because posts of him in speedos violated Twitter’s Sensitive Media Policy. In other words, they dubbed the pictures gory, violent or to be featuring adult content.


Yeah, OK. Just say homophobes were reporting the pictures and you, Twitter, were too afraid to take a stand.

Steve shot to fame in 2013 with his viral first single, All-American Boy. An equally successful track, Look Away, was released in 2016. His first album named after his gateway to fame reached the top 50 in 2015 and his second album, 2018’s Not the End of Me, reached the top 10 on the independent chart.


Grand launched Grand Axis in 2020. The independent apparel company sells underwear (gasp!), swimwear (also gasp!), shorts, t-shirts and hats. And while I can’t see its number of followers on Twitter because the account is still suspended, Grand Axis has a hefty following of over 61,000 on Instagram.

Speaking of other platforms, take a grand gander at these mouthwatering photos from Grand Axis on Facebook! And let’s hope this situation is resolved soon!

Source: Out

3 thoughts on “Take a Grand Gander at These Mouthwatering Photos!”

  1. Let’s call it what it is, his looks pays his bills. He might be a fair “singer”, however, showing skin is his real bread & butter. I’m surprised he hasn’t joined the OnlyFans/JFF bandwagon to maximize his earning ability. No judgement, he is good looking.

  2. Goodness that speedo pic is beyond sexy. Love the song All American Boy it’s when I first heard of him and that he’s gay.


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