Take A Peek: 21 Of The Hottest Pics From This Year’s Beef Dip Bear Week

Credit: jon.ratliff Instagram

Move over Bear Week in Provincetown, Massachusetts. See ya later Lazy Bear in Guerneville, California. Beef Dip Bear Week has slowly become one of the biggest bear & gay events in recent years as hundreds of furry dudes and their admirers pack their bags for the sunny skies and enchanting nights of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The annual event just wrapped up on February 1 after a week of non-stop fun. It’s something that many gay men look forward to as it acts as the first big get together for them in the New Year due to it taking place towards the end of January.

Beef Dip Bear Week’s organizers made sure that their 2020 edition was something truly memorable as they provided their guests with an endless amount of activities like a foam pool party, Bearaoke, River Tours where they can enjoy a thrilling zipline ride and so much more. Oh, and did we mention the amount of insanely hot eye candy that was there? More on that below.

Here are 21 of the hottest pics from Beef Dip Bear Week. Woof indeed.








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