Take A Peek Inside Tan France And Antoni Porowski’s Homes


Ever wondered what Tan France’s house looked like? Or, would you prefer to see Antoni Porowski’s kitchen? Well, now you can!

Two separate videos dropped at the end of the year showing the homes of two Fab 5 members from Netflix’s Queer Eye. First, People’s Sexiest Reality Star opened his door to Delish and the world. The Delish YouTube channel walked into Porowski’s house and almost immediately rushed to his kitchen. The beautiful brown and marble kitchen is picture-perfect. Just right for a guy known for being photographed and recorded while making food.


But getting a look at Porowski’s kitchen wasn’t the only good part of the video. The Netflix reality star also talked about his career and experiences in cooking. From his favorite candies and nuts, to his worst cooking experience, and the essential tools and ingredients found in his space. To find out about it all and more, check out the video below.

But again, that isn’t the only video of this post. We also have to take a moment to look inside Tan France’s home. This time, it was Architectural Digest that stopped by to see a Fab 5 member’s home. For his tour, France talked about redesigning his 1906 home but keeping the original building’s integrity. In the video, we see France walk the world through his house’s gray and brass color design, how his husband Rob acquired the many art pieces, and more.

Check it all out below to see it all.

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