Take It Off: Channing Tatum Returns to His Stripper Roots

Channing Tatum returned to a stage this week that he was quite familiar with before he became the A-list hunk that he is today:


The 38-year-old was across the pond in London on Wednesday during the opening night of the West End production of Magic Mike Live!

He joined several other hunky shirtless men on stage, where the ripped and chiseled actor proved that he's still got it by showing off some moves which included his twerking skills that delighted the audience.

Channing's involvement in the show goes beyond a simple appearance with the other performers. He actually co-directed it alongside world renowned choreographer Alison Faulk who has worked with the likes of Madonna and Britney Spears to name a few. 


Magic Mike Live is taking place both domestically and overseas in London, as they are also doing a Las Vegas version at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. According to reports, the first six months of the show sold out within five days of going on sale. Not too shabby.

The production is based off of the 2012 film Magic Mike, which starred Channing as well as Matthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello. It's based off his real life story as a stripper in Tampa, Florida. The movie was such a hit that a sequel was made three years later and now an in real life experience all this time later for the masses to enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Take It Off: Channing Tatum Returns to His Stripper Roots”

  1. That is spectacle for women;

    That is spectacle for women; gay men have nothing to do there.

    Where are the news about male strippers for gay men?

    • Settle down! Gays don’t go to

      Settle down! Gays don’t go to such things. We don’t need to. Our bars have gogo boys, duh. 

      • I don’t go to gay bars but

        I don't go to gay bars but regardless of that the point I was trying to make is that the times when gay men sublimated their desire for men through women are gone. Like the cat who can only look at the meat through the window at the butcher's while the old lady can buy it and have an actual taste of it. Understand the allegory?

        Show us men who dance for men.



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