Talent Plus Sexiness and a Whole Ton of Charisma is Coming Your Way, Courtesy of Benjamin Hey!

Talent plus sexiness and a whole ton of charisma is coming your way courtesy of Benjamin Hey! who has officially dropped his first full length album today, January 10, called LAX.

Ben has categorically become one of the biggest names that is on people's lips in and out of the entertainment industry. Looks aside, he's a talented individual both in the singing and writing department, as he's worked with big names like Laverne Cox who he co-wrote "Beat For The Gods" with.

That track became a huge success for both of them last year, and now its Benjamin's turn to bring his lyrical game to the masses on a solo level in 2019 with his stellar album that is worth the listen to and then some.

Ben is taking ambition to a whole other level with LAX as he's not only supplied 14 fantastic tracks within it, but he also plans to shoot videos for each of the songs as well. Talk about a Beyonce 2.0 situation here!



The latest single from LAX is titled "Safe Word", where the corresponding video shows the New York City resident in next to nothing while talking about getting down n dirty in so many ways where limits only happen with the uttering of one word. The beat to it brings you back to the mid 90's as it has a similar sound to R&B crooners like Usher and Ginuwine.

Speaking of the R&B genre, its something that Benjamin excels in throughout LAX. R&B is a kind of music that has fell on hard ways in the music industry, as many artists have a difficult time figuring out how to make it relevant again as pop, rap and hip-hop have emerged as leaders on the radio and chart scene.

Here's hoping that LAX helps put that genre back on the map, as he croons through most of his songs with an R&B tinge that is simply spectacular. Standouts for the slower tracks from this include "Love is a Verb" and "Iron Man."

He also gets the crowd pumping throughout LAX with headbangers like the title track and "Noise", proving that you don't have to be one note throughout an album in order for it to be successful. This is an album that is definitely worth the listen to and then some as a great kick off to the 2019 calendar year in music.

For more information on Benjamin Hey!, please check out his official website.

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