Tales Of Escorting Told Through A Comedic Lens

OnlyFans celebrity Reno Gold (image via official website)
OnlyFans personality Reno Gold (image via official website)

OnlyFans personality Reno Gold is sharing stories of his days as a male escort on his YouTube channel with a monthly web series titled “Prosti-Dude Story Time.” “I tell it how it was,” explains Gold before emphasizing, “but through a comedic lens.”

“I’m sharing my stories to give people a realistic look into the average life of a full-time sex worker,” says the 25-year-old. “The stories are just way too entertaining for me to keep to myself.”


Gold began his career in the sex industry while still a senior in high school. “I started dancing at local strip clubs and quickly found my way to escorting,” shares Gold. “A stripper is barely scraping by if he’s not escorting.”

OnlyFans celebrity Reno Gold
Reno Gold (screen capture)

Today, Gold says he pulls in $100,000 a month through his OnlyFans page: “OnlyFans is safer, more convenient, and has allowed me the opportunity to settle down and live a more balanced life.”

But running an OnlyFans page isn’t just shooting and uploading sexy content. Gold also has to market his online enterprise with PG-rated content on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, often sharing his likes, dislikes, hopes, and dreams.


It’s another reason he decided to share his personal escorting stories: “I needed something new to talk about.”

Some clients would light candles to "set the mood" says Gold
Some clients would light candles to “set the mood” says Gold (screen capture)

While he says he will never escort again, he considers it as an interesting time in his life. And, at the end of the day, he views sex workers as no different from other entrepreneurs: “In business, everyone whores themselves out in some sense.”

Gold says he hopes to transition some day into directing adult content instead of starring in it. But while the OnlyFans page is making money, Gold is investing in real estate and renting the properties out. So far, he has purchased eleven homes, all in cash. “I have enough properties under my belt I could live very comfortably just off that.”

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  1. Always somebody gotta stop by to say his content ain’t hardcore, and they don’t like it, and we can do better, cause there are others.

    Thanks, dude. Also, don’t care.

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    • He’s someone whose making that supposed 100K a month by having gay for pay models film ‘sex’ with him that consists of slight, barely there frottage, the infrequent mutual masturbation for the few of the gay for pay models willing to touch another guy’s peen for a bare few seconds for the Big Bucks, and a lot of showering, slow JO, lots of showering with some of the same gay for pay models (no touching, so certainly no actual sex), a lot of sun bathing in the nude, again both solo and with many of these same gay for pay models (again, no sex, no skin on skin contact). OTOH, you have actual performers, even someone who is probably gay for pay like Viggo Sorrenson, who will actually have full-on penetrative sex, and other actual, publicly gay performers like Dato Folland, Rico Marlon, etc.

      They even have plenty of twinks like Reno. Who are both publicly gay and provide their subscribers with penetrative content, versus a lot of the same repeated tease.


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