Tales Of The City Returns!

Tales Of The City Returns – Being Revived By Netflix

YES! Oh my gosh, I’m literally shaking my in chair from excitement. Long before there were television series such as Looking or the revolutionary hits, L-Word and Queer as Folk, there was one LGBTQ television show that shattered ceilings, but it doesn’t seem many people are up on their history! Especially gay men my age have no idea what I’m talking about if I drop a reference to Tales of the City. Okay, I’m a gay, Millennial reader – and writer – so I’m incredibly familiar with Tales of the City by esteemed gay Author, Armistead Maupin. Maupin has been my literary inspiration for as long as I can recall, even inspiring me to write my very own self-published novel, Paused, which pays heavy homage to one of the greatest LGBTQ novels in existence. Tales was so popular with the populous of characters and incredible storyline, it was turned into a PBS Mini-Series which aired in January 1994. Yes, like – before being gay was a mainstream thing-1994. I was still in diapers when the series aired, but I was able to catch myself up eventually thanks to being tech savvy and knowing my way around a torrent. Years later, historically progressive cable channel, Showtime, continued the series in two separate installments, eventually ending in 2001. However, with a firehose of revivals being pumped out by Hollywood, Tales is getting a chance to have an entre viewership that may not even know it exists!

According to Variety, Netflix is developing the next – yes, as in continued – installment of Tales of the City. Former characters and stars including Laura Linney and Olympia Dukakis are on board to return. Linney is just, so incredibly amazing – I’m stoked to see her chew more scenery. There is such an importantance of Tales and how far we’ve come as a society to have the LGBTQ community become mainstream and nevertheless, welcomed into the heterosexual world. To see the progression within these characters is going to be mind-blowing. For reference: The first novel deals with the AIDS crisis among many other LGBTQ related issues and lives set in San Francisco.  I’m going to eat this entire series up!

If you want to catch up on the novel series, feel free to purchase them HERE!

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