Talk About A “Chess Cavity Search” – Chess Champ Has Butt Wanded

photo via instagram (hans_niemann)

WOW! Here is some news you don’t hear every day. A teen chess champ was put through extra security detail – including having to turn around so security can wand his backside area – at the U.S. Chess Championships in St. Louis last week. U.S. chess grandmaster, Hans Neimann, 19, was the only competitor receiving this supersized patdown. Cheating rumors have been swirling around Neimann alluding that he was getting signals from his coach through – wait for it – VIBRATING ANAL BEADS.

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Huff Post reported on this viral moment,

“because Niemann recently faced unsubstantiated rumors ― which he has denied ― that he used wirelessly-controlled vibrating anal beads or a prostate massager to receive messages from his coach about the winning moves for a stunning victory over world champion and Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.”




Some people will do anything to win! (Not to give props to cheaters, but that is a pretty brilliant strategy.) Niemann, who admitted to cheating twice in his career, denies these allegations and told reporters “I’m not going to back down and I’m going to play my best chess here regardless of the pressure.

Dude also said he would play naked if it comes to that. Who knew the world of professional chess was so naughty?!! I wonder if vibrating anal beads have started trending on Twitter.





Sources: Huff Post

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